Benefits to Michigan Clean Marina Certification

The Michigan Clean Marina Program promotes environmentally sound marina and boating practices to reduce pollution, enhance fish and wildlife habitat and protect Great Lakes water quality. The program is open to all public and private marinas in Michigan.

In order to receive certification as a Michigan Clean Marina, participants need to complete a required program: including training, a self-evaluation checklist and a site visit.
Certified marinas strive for continuous improvement in daily environmental stewardship practices.
This summary includes tangible, business-savvy reasons to participate in the Michigan Clean Marina Program, including technical assistance, financial incentives, promotional products and materials, and improving the overall image of your marina within your community.
Technical Assistance
Marina specialists and members of the Michigan Clean Marina committee are available to support and guide you through training and completing certification requirements. Marina specialists conduct all site visits, using a standard checklist to help ensure your facility is in compliance with environmental regulations and addresses best management practices.
Organizational tool.
MCMP will provide a template binder to store certification materials. Tabs in the binder are matched to sections of the Certification Checklist.
Financial Incentives
Reduce waste disposal costs. The best management practices will reduce the amount of waste produced, reducing disposal fees.
Generate new sources of revenue. Studies have shown that Clean Marinas can charge slightly higher slip fees and have fewer vacancies.
Reduce legal liabilities.
By participating in the Clean Marina Program, marinas can ensure they are meeting regulatory requirements, thus reducing or eliminating the incidence of any fines.
Access to credits.
Certified Clean Marinas may be eligible for a 10 percent underwriting credit on liability insurance, in addition to many other benefits.
CMP Promotional Products and Offerings
Get free publicity. Recognition in press releases, newsletters and boating guides. Each certified facility is highlighted in the Michigan Boating Industries Association’s publications, including the Michigan Boating Annual Directory. Also, the Michigan Clean Marina Program website, includes links to certified marina websites, a map and GPS coordinates to locate each facility. We also make announcements on the social media channels. An official certificate. Upon certification, receive a frame-worthy certificate and the Michigan Clean Marina logo for your letterhead, website and advertising efforts. Fly the flag. Michigan Clean Marina flag (available from MBIA) for display at your facility.
Outreach tools
This includes fact sheets, templates, posters and more, including tips on how to talk to media, a press release template, “10 Reasons to be Proud You Boat at a Certified Clean Marina” poster and an advertisement template. You also have access to educational materials about boat maintenance, petroleum control, vessel sewage, and waste containment and disposal.
If you represent a certified Clean Marina and have not yet taken advantage of these promotional resources, please contact [email protected] to gain access to these materials and tips on how to promote your certification status.
Positive Image in the Community
Improve water quality and habitat for fish and wildlife. The marina and boating industry depends on clean waters and a healthy coastal environment for their continued success. Attract knowledgeable customers. Clean Marinas are aesthetically pleasing facilities that can attract responsible clientele that will follow good boating practices.
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The Michigan Clean Marina Program is a public-private partnership between Michigan Sea Grant, the Michigan Boating Industries Association, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, and public and private marina owners and operators. In addition, the program is connected to the Great Lakes Clean Marina Network and the National Clean Marina Effort. The program is supported by the Michigan Clean Marina Foundation, a 501(c)(3)organization. Contact [email protected]



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