For over 2 decades, we have trained thousands of marina employees in compliance with OSHA standards. We are the leaders in marina staff training and have set standards for the industry. Our seminars will prepare your employees with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver excellent service to your boating customers.

COVID-19 Training

We offer consulting for Clean Marina Certifications and are now offering COVID-19 Training, please contact us for more information.

Added Value

Proper Training and Best Business Practices save you time and money. Liability is reduced and customers appreciate the efficiency and conciencous manner you serve them. Boaters do have a choice. Are YOU a chosen destination?




Fun Facts:

These boating fun facts were published by The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation.


  • Boaters and anglers are significantly more satisfied with their marriages, relationships and friendships – and are more likely to have a close relationship with their children – than those who don’t boat or fish.
  • Boaters and anglers are more likely to recycle, carpool and donate money to environmental organizations than people who aren’t boaters and anglers.
  • Connecting with family is a primary reason for going boating and fishing.